Community Spotlight – Day 22/25: Taff Ely Veterans Group

Taff Ely Veterans Group was established in April 2021 with the main aim to reduce social isolation in the Veteran Community.

The group hold regular meetings and events for those in the Veteran Community, including a weekly Breakfast Club serving hot drinks and food, 1-to-1 advice and support meetings with an RCT Veteran Advice Officer, bus trips and social gatherings, Christmas Evenings and Breakfasts, and much more.

Back in 2022, Interlink was able to provide Taff Ely Veterans Group funding from the Interlink Kindness Grant which went towards purchasing 50 veteran activity packs. They told us: “The packs have been distributed throughout the Veteran Community in the Taff Ely area. These packs will provide Veterans with fun and a sense of accomplishment while keeping minds active during lonely times over the Christmas period.

Giving the packs to our Veteran Community has been a fantastic way in reducing feelings of isolation, improving wellbeing and knowing that we have made this positive difference improves our sense of self-worth as a Veterans group.”

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