Craig Massam – Let’s Talk Men’s Mental Health #VolunteersWeek

In 2018, Let’s Talk Men’s Mental Health (LTMMH) was created in the South Wales valleys with the aim of breaking the stigma of men’s mental health and providing support to those who are suffering.  

Shaun Parfitt, Co-founder of LTMMH:

One of LTMMH’s great success stories begins with one of their volunteers, Craig, a Manager at Tesco. Craig does most of his work in Aberdare, helping facilitate the Aberdare Peer Support Group at the Fire Station. Craig also helps online with our Private Peer Support Facebook Group and anything in between.

As a Volunteer, Craig continuously raises our profile, helps other men in need, facilitates the group from time to time and co-facilitates regularly. He is always learning and going out of his way to partake in training courses to up-skill himself in his spare time.

Craig has gone out of his way to drive a local campaign to bring local businesses on board to proudly display our posters in windows, stalls, bars and even toilets. With an enormous response we now have posters displayed in the majority of the businesses in Aberdare as well as other areas too.

Craig joined us 1 year ago, as an attendee of our group, bringing another gentleman with him. Craig works alongside this gentleman as his manager but has taken the gentleman under his wing and helped him with his own Mental Health journey, seeing a tremendous difference in him personally and professionally.

In that year Craig has helped several other gentlemen to take control of their journeys, empowered countless men to speak up, proudly flying the flag for all men. His enthusiasm is unwavering, and his passion is second to none. Craig is someone we are proud to say is one of us.

Let’s Talk Men’s Mental Health has certainly benefited from having Craig involved and bringing his passion, drive and determination with him. A year ago, we were settling back down into peer support only, now we are determined to get back on track and do what we always set out to do – Break the stigma around Mental Health and to get men talking.

Craigs enthusiastic approach has played a gigantic part in the decision to push even harder than before. He brings a huge personality, great knowledge and a heart of gold.

He’s selfless, empathetic and genuine. I would describe Craig as truly one of a kind.


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