Community Spotlight – Day 9/25: Hirwaun Community Events

Hirwaun Community Events (HCE) is a small community group based in the Hirwaun area providing community events, mainly around Christmas time.

They are a volunteer-run group that relies on charitable donations from the community to put on events such as “Christmas around the clock” and “Santa’s street dash”. HCE aim to bring joy and community spirit to the people of Hirwaun!

Previously, HCE approached Interlink needing support to reevaluate their governance and set up a bank account. The group also required additional support and advice on grants and funding. Following discussions with our team, HCE made use of Interlink’s ‘Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Programme‘ where peer mentor, Jeff Carroll, agreed to work with the group over a 6 month period to help overcome the various challenges they were facing.

HCE told us the experience increased their confidence and knowledge, new relationships were formed and they gained new skills. 

“It’s moved us along from being in a rut and given us more confidence. Mel had been in contact continuously, and always made us feel supported.” 

Jeff Caroll, the Peer Mentor, told us: “I am confident that the group is now in a stronger position to carry out its community objectives. I have advised them further on setting up their committee structure which they have now put in place.  

I really enjoyed working with the group. I was pleased they took on board the advice and support that I was able to provide.”

If you would like to find out more about Hirwaun Community Events, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

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