Community Spotlight – Day 17/25: Let’s Talk Men’s Mental Health

It’s Day 17/25 of Community Spotlight as part of Interlink RCT’s 25th Year Anniversary celebrations!

Today, the spotlight is on Let’s Talk Men’s Mental Health!

On 15 July 2018, Let’s Talk Men’s Mental Health (LTMMH) was created in the South Wales Valleys with the aim to break the stigma of men’s mental health and provide support for those who are suffering.

Their company ethos is ‘No Pressure, No Judgement, No Stigma’.

LTMMH firmly believe that if they can break the stigma attached to Mental Health, it’ll have a positive impact on the next generation. “Healthier parents lead to healthier children, healthier children lead to healthier adults who are unafraid to speak up and be heard.”

LTMMH is run on a purely voluntary, not-for-profit basis. As an organisation, everything they do is for awareness raising and stigma breaking of Men’s Mental Health.

We are proud to mention that Shaun Parfitt, Mental Health Service Involvement Officer at Interlink RCT, is also the Co-founder and Co-director of Let’s Talk Men’s Mental Health. Shaun runs LTMMH alongside Michael Miles, also Co-founder and Co-director, and Paul Carpenter, Operations Manager.

Find LTMMH online:

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