Community Spotlight – Day 19/25: Mothers Matter

It’s Day 19/25 of Community Spotlight as part of Interlink RCT’s 25th Year Anniversary celebrations!

Today, the spotlight is on Mothers Matter!

Mothers Matter is a not-for-profit organisation offering pre and post-natal support for women and their families. They offer 1-2-1 support and wellbeing support for women during their pregnancies and after their babies are born.

They also run workshops, family evenings and a wellbeing hub where women can come and feel safe, make friends and talk. Within the hub, they offer an onsite counsellor and have guest speakers from health visitors and midwives. Their services are for all women and their families who suffer during or post-pregnancy.  

Mothers Matter was created due to the loss of a son and a poor perinatal journey from not having support. Mothers Matter wants to provide support to others where support has failed in the past.

“I wanted women to have someone to go to for support, where they felt safe and not judged. I wanted women and families to meet others so they can discuss what they are going through and exchange stories. I wanted to stop isolation and women feeling alone in their thoughts and being frightened to process those thoughts.”

They told us:Interlink have been absolutely wonderful to us, not only have they referred some wonderful women to us who are now on support or who have come through their support, but they have offered advice and guidance whenever we have needed it, they have visited us and shown no end of support. They really have been invaluable to us.

Katelyn, Interlink Wellbeing Coordinator, has previously offered to find us training for 2 of our new volunteers which she also found us. Katelyn has been so helpful with links and emails of support from other organisations, such as colleges, etc. She has also helped us get small pots of funds for printing and graphics.

Katelyn was and still is invaluable to us. She was there when we opened the hub and offered so much support to us. She talked to us regarding ways in which we could get funds, staff and volunteers. Everyone needs a Katelyn. I actually don’t know a time I haven’t emailed her and she hasn’t had the answers. She is worth her weight in gold. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for Mothers Matter CIC.”

Find the incredible Mothers Matter organisation online:

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