Carers Week 2024 – Age Connects Morgannwg

For this year’s Carers Week, we will be sharing case studies and quotes resulting from the recent Amser Unpaid Carers Short Breaks Grant Scheme.


Age Connects Morgannwg:

Mrs W who cares for her father who has chronic health conditions. Mrs W supports her dad with everything he needs on a day-to-day basis, she is with him daily and takes him out to ensure he is seeing others to support his mental health. Mrs W has given up work to support her father. Mrs W became aware of the support on offer from social media and booked in for afternoon tea with her daughter, the afternoon tea was held at Cynon Linc in Aberdare. Mrs W said, well this has been such a wonderful opportunity to get out and look after myself for a change with my daughter for company, we met other people there (Cynon Linc) that were also carers. I can’t thank you enough for this, it has meant the world to me, I didn’t even know that I needed that little break until I came. I felt a little overcome with emotion, but I think that is good emotion and if I was to have another opportunity, I think I’d like to bring my dad as he would love this too.


Amser Unpaid Carers Short Breaks Grant Scheme Quotes (Age Connects Morgannwg):

“I feel much more relaxed, I think being relaxed like this will help me as a carer as I think I’d have more patience with my mother. I think it’s a good thing for NHS as it could prevent illnesses and need to see the GP. Hopefully I would get better quicker and naturally by helping myself through reflexology. Reflexology could have a massive impact but it’s too expensive on carers allowance so it would be brilliant if you could regularly fund it”

“Reflexology definitely helps, I used to have it but can’t afford now, I’m a carer. It gives an hour for the whole body and mind to relax. I have a feeling of calm and lightness now (after treatment) that I often don’t get as a carer. I get very stressed and this (reflexology) stops the pressure build up, it takes you back to baseline so you are ready to start again (as a carer). Please get funding for more sessions, they have helped me massively in the past but I can’t afford on carers allowance. It’s so nice to be cared for for a short while and not be the carer”

“Absolutely would like more reflexology, I’d previously received through a charity and it made a positive difference to my moods. I possibly wouldn’t go to a GP as much but I don’t tend to use since covid as can never get an appointment”


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