Advice for groups

We provide free organisational help. This may be information, advice, or anything in ‘the support available’ section below. We can meet to chat about what assistance you need, and do what we can to turn your ideas into effective action. To have a discussion online or in person, please contact the Community Advice Team.

Community Advice Team


T: 01443 846200

We can assist with:

What we will provide depends on what you and your group needs.

See our membership page for the benefits of joining and an application form.

Support from other people and groups

Our 550 plus members have lots of knowledge, skills and experience to share. We help groups get together and learn from each other through networks, forums, or by joining new opportunities to collaborate. Contact us via our details at the top of the page to get involved.

These meet regularly. While in them, you can share information, generate ideas, hear from partners and get involved in working together to provide new activities and community services. Our main networks and forums are:

  • The Children and Young People’s Network 
  • Cwm Taf Mental Health Forum
  • Cwm Taf Managing Volunteers Network
  • Local Community Partnership Advisory Group
  • The Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Network

Learn more about them and join via our Engagement and Influence page.

Involving people can make a big difference to your group’s project. For a small team, it can mean:

  • having a better idea about what matters to your community
  • getting people with the skills and experience to help develop and deliver your project
  • being more creative by involving different people with different ideas
  • recruiting more volunteers to support your work
  • getting others to assist in running your group

For a council, health board or partnership group it could mean:

  • asking people what matters to them and their community
  • asking people who receive a service how it could be done better
  • finding out who uses a local park and if they want to be involved in a ‘friends of’ type group to help manage the park

To see how we can get people involved in your project, or if you would like to be involved in a project run by partners, contact us via the contact details at the top of the page.

We support groups to find partners to work with who can help develop stronger plans and projects with them. For example, that might mean a finding another group which works with people that your group is not currently reaching. It could include contacts in public bodies such as the local council or local health board, as well as other community and voluntary groups.

We develop relationships among groups or organisations so they can plan projects together from the start.

To discuss working in partnership, use our contact details at the top of the page.